Install WordPress – The Smart Way

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Here’s another quick video walk through on how to install WordPress, easily!

You’ll have WordPress installed on a managed cloud server in literally minutes. We’ll be doing this on Cloudways, and you can choose from a range of platforms like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform etc.

And did I mention how affordable it is? The speed of your WordPress website will be phenomenal and the you’ll love how easy it is to install WordPress.

Enjoy the short video below and please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you.


Here’s how to Install WordPress on Cloudways

  1. Visit Cloudways
  2. . Get started by registering for free
  3.  Once logged in, click the “Launch” button
  4. Select your application
    a. In our case we want a WordPress website – select “WordPress -> Version XXX
    b. Give your app a name
    c. Give your new cloud server a name
    d. Give your project a name
  5. Select your cloud provider e.g. choose Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or KYUP
  6. Select your Server Size
  7. Select your Location
  8. Click the “Launch Now” button

And that’s it, how easy was it to install WordPress, and on your new powerful SSD cloud server to boot!

Video Transcript

Greetings and welcome I'm Athlone. Today I'm going to show how to launch a WordPress website on Cloudways, it’s simple, let's get started.

What we want to do is follow these 8 steps. I have a previous video where I showed you how to launch a WordPress website with WooCommerce on Cloudways, I've just added one more step for Clarity.

Let's get started as follows. So what you want to do is visit the Cloudways website and then you'll see a "Get Started For Free" button, you can click this and then register for free. You'll be able to launch your Cloud server and give it a free trial so actually cost you nothing, between 3 and 14 days depending on what platform you want to use, be that Digital Ocean, be that Vultr, or AWS etc.

What you want to do here once logged in you want to hit the launch button. Now we going to start or rather choose which platform we want to install a WordPress website on, now to get started you will select the application. As said we want to install WordPress currently it's version 4.9.2 so I'm going to select that.

Previously in my previous video, we were actually installed version 4.9.2 with WooCommerce version 3.6. That’ll install WordPress with WooCommerce, we in this case just want to install WordPress so that's what will choose. As you can see if you wanted multisite you could install that or you could install a clean version which has says no Cloudways optimization.

Cloudways optimize WordPress on the servers with things like varnish and a few other tweaks they made to give it super performance. So if you wanted a very clean install with none of those optimizations you can even select that.

For our purposes, we’re going to select version 4.9.2 WordPress. Now what we need to do is give a name to our app. As stated typically I will use a domain name so for this one lets just called this

Now, what does help you to a recognize what actually the app is now we also need a name for a server I'm going to call this Test Cloud 1. And then a name for the project. Here I've just called it Test Project 1, that's fine any name you want to help you identify what is on the server.

Now, remember we are actually provisioning a Cloud server and you can have multiple apps on your Cloud server or multiple installs of WordPress, multiple websites in other words. So let's say for example you had a client website on here and you wanted to install a second a website a third or fourth and so on, you could do that so just keep that in mind so that you know the name of your managed app, the name of your managed server and your project is relevant and makes sense. So that if you've got multiple on your server you go to track back and find out exactly what it is that you have got installed on the particular server.

Anyway, let's carry on here. Now we can select a platform that we want to use. Once again I'm going to select Vultr, Digital Ocean is actually little cheaper, it is selected at the moment and the droplet size or the server size is 1GB and in the bottom left a you can actually see the price that you going to pay which is $10 monthly for a 1GB server with 1GB of RAM.

Very very reasonable. there is the Linode, $12, slightly more expensive. And then there's Vultr which is also $11, slightly more expensive. I'm going to stick with Vultr for this demo.

I'm going to select a 1GB droplet size or 1GB server size. If you wanted a bigger server, for example, you needed more resources, maybe your website was a very busy website or had a lot more traffic etc., you can then use this slider and select the size that you want. I mean this would, for example, be 4GB of RAM on a 60GB SSD disk, 3 TB of monthly transfer bandwidth and 2 Core processor.

You can see the price there is gone up, so select whatever you need. There are massive servers here obviously with massive price, but that would be a server for an extremely busy website. For the purposes of our demo, I'm going to select the 1GB.

Now we need to select the location. Where in the world would I like my server to be installed? Now remember wherever your target audience is, you want to install your server to a location typically that is closest to your target audience.

So let's say for example my audience was in Europe I would rather go for, for example, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London. I'm going to select London in this instance there are many other locations all across the world that you can select.

And that's it, we are now ready. Everything looks good, I’m going to pay $11 per month for my server. Before I forget, let me mention: that hourly rate, let's say for example you only had the server up for 5 hours or 10 hours or a day or 3 days etc. or a week or whatever. Let's say you wanted to use it for staging and that's the rate you pay per hour so if you were using it for 10 hours you could just times that price there by 10.

So it's very affordable, an easy way to spin up a server very quickly with WordPress. Let’s say you had to do some testing or something along those lines. For staging servers, very useful as well.

Anyway, that's what we've got here. Once I'm happy with everything I click the launch now button. And my server is now being added.

I’ll then get a message here, “your high-speed application will be ready in approximately 13 minutes”. So I will take a couple of minutes once it's ready and you'll get an email saying that your server is ready. And it's literally a simple as that.

I now have my server installed, set up with WordPress optimized in London. Now for what it’s worth if you needed to add a second or third or fourth server you could do that right here.

You could also add other apps but that's something for another video.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you got some benefit out of it.

And what I'd also like to ask is, if you enjoyed the content please subscribe to my channel and also hit the notification bell and you'll be notified everytime I upload a new video.

Take care, all the best, I hope to see you soon. Bye for now

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