About Web Assist

Our Mission...

Is your business not generating enough income, are sales flat or even declining - no matter how much time, money and effort you spend on marketing?

We build powerful, effective eCommerce websites to enable businesses sell their products and services to the world.

You are Important

We try to do things effectively without trying to re-invent the wheel. In other words we use rock solid, proven technology in the most effective, efficient way to give you the best eCommerce website.

Stress Free Online Shops

Perhaps least stress would be more accurate. But if you've ever launched a website, you'll know it takes a lot of work and tons of effort. I've made this as simple as possible.

We Understand You

We're on a mission to give you our very best service, consistently. we make an extra effort to understand your business and it's needs, and provide an effective solution.

We're Improving Daily

We learn daily from the previous day, improving my business to do what we do better than we did the day before.

What my Clients are Saying...

Web Assist - Testimonial - George Gabriel

George Gabriel

Web Assist provides a customer service that is truly unique when it comes to ISPs and web design. Their communication is consistent, timely and professional.

I always know that I can count on them to deliver what I need, when I need it. And they keep me well informed of any changes along the way.

Web Assist - Testimonial - Yael Duncan

Yael Duncan

Web Assist service was EXCELLENT! They went above and beyond to ensure the transfer of hosting and new website went live without any hiccups...

Thank you from the River Club team.

Web Assist - Testimonial - Zane Sequiera

Zane Sequeira

Athlone, thank you very much!

I must say I am impressed big time how you managed to meet our needs in such a short space of time.

Thanks very much!

About Us

Web Assist - eCommerce Websites - Athlone

Athlone Harris-Compton

With many years experience in web hosting and website building, I build your online store and my small team and I take care of you and your website each month.

We're Committed to Help You

We deliver affordable, effective eCommerce and business websites. That is, a simple but comprehensive solution from start to finish, and then ongoing monthly services, creating a partnership with you.

We've made starting and running an online store, a simple process. How did we do that? We do all the heavy lifting on the technical side, leaving you to run your store.

Other solutions will either cost you high five to six figures to get started, or alternately be more affordable but leave you to struggle, having to do things like get the design, integrations and other technical aspects seen to. We do it differently...

I've designed a turnkey solution that's as simple as possible, and incredibly effective. Give us a try today, you'll love your new online store and website.

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